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My name is Caroline Niermann, 29 years old and I am a professional Life Coach from Germany.


I have completed 5 years of inner self-work and formal education before I put myself out in the Holistic health industry. I hold different certificates, including a Bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Business Psychology, a diploma in Professional Life Coaching and attended a facilitator training in Kundalini Bodywork Level 1 & 2.



If I would need to describe my role as a healer in this world, I see myself as the bridge between the physical and spiritual world. We are energetic beings with a mind, body and soul - consciously and subconsciously creating our own reality and impacting the world we live in. We need to acknowledge, accept and integrate both, our our human and spiritual existence.

Finding balance between those two parts is the key to a fulfilled life. By learning how to navigate both realms, we can cultivate a greater sense of wholeness.

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