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"My name is Caroline and I am helping you move past feelings of being lost or stuck towards greater confidence, trust, and inspired action."

My interest in Personal development and Higher consciousness started to unfold already as a young teenager when I noticed that I’m able to feel other people’s thoughts and emotions. I became naturally drawn to analyze, understand and help those in need. Friends, working colleagues, and even strangers felt comfortable telling me about their problems and sought for advice. As someone who has grown up with own trauma and self-worth issues, I know exactly how it is to life a live in fear and pain. Being this high-sensitive person was never easy for me and dealing with these intense emotions and not knowing how to manage them correctly, left me ultimately ending up in therapy with depression.

Since then, I promised myself one very important thing: I will start taking care of myself, work hard on my personal growth and heal whatever caused me pain in my life, because mental disorders such as anxiety or depression are nothing but the result of what happens when you ignore your emotional, physical and spiritual needs for too long.

You are the creator of your life and the only way to change this for the better starts with you taking responsibility for your own suffering. I noticed how much everything shifted for the better since I became aware of this fact and integrated this attitude in my daily life. My health, my sensitivity, my decisions, my relationships… I developed improvement in all different parts of my life but where I saw the most difference was in the way I look at myself. 

I noticed when you take charge of your psyche, when you work on yourself and be willing to face your deepest fears, you will not just experience what it means to become your own best friend. You will learn what true self-love and living with purpose means.

You will gain the strength of achieving anything you want in your life…

Every step I took since then brought me one step closer towards myself and to what I am here for in this lifetime: Helping people to achieve the same.


I have already accumulated 5+ years of formal education. Nevertheless, my professional development hasn’t stopped, and I am constantly seeking new wisdom.


  • Diploma of Life coaching

  • Diploma of Counselling

  • Bachelor (o. Sc.) Intercultural Business Psychology


  • Tarot Card Reading masterclass

  • Human Design workshop



What clients say about "Own Your Life":

"Caroline helped me to overcome my fear of abandonment. I was always a people-pleaser and never understood where this truly coming from. Caroline helped me to look at my childhood from a different perspective and how I can heal from it in order to create new boundaries and a strong sense of self-worth."

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