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Intuitive readings are a self-discovery tool that provides a better understanding of oneself, life lessons, and a discovery of the current opportunities available to shift, heal, and grow.

It’s a great opportunity to be able to hear your own inner wisdom and being able to use it to guide you forward. We all know what’s best for us, and sometimes we stop ourselves from knowing the answers because we are scared of them and these can be blocked mentally. We need to free ourselves from those limits so we can hear the wisdom under the surface - this is our intuition, our soul, that is always there, always advising. We just don't always know how to access it.

Whether faced with goals that seem unattainable, challenging life situations or concerns, or any important decisions you need guidance for, an intuitive reading is like a mirror reflecting back with insights to illustrate choices available to you on your path. 

My readings are held with the intention to reach a better understanding of oneself and to point my clients to their own intuitive powers to empower their own inner-knowing. 



  • Confirmation or encouragement that you are on the right path and making decisions for your highest good

  • Access and visibility to blind spots or hidden aspects of yourself shaping your thoughts and feelings on a situation

  • Receive answers and information to your concerns or areas of question

  • Gain visibility to where you are now, where you want to be, and your next steps on any given circumstance or situation

  • Areas of life addressed: Relationships, financial and money concerns, work-related situations, Life path and meaningful work, health, family, children…

If there’s something specific you would like to talk about, feel free to contact me.

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